December 3, 2000

Reception for Author Rachel Abramowitz

MorningStar hosted a reception and discussion centered on author and journalist, Rachel Abramowitz and her new book, "Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?: Women and Power in Hollywood." The event was moderated by MorningStar chair, Joan Hyler. Board Member Linda Shayne gave opening remarks and spoke briefly about the MorningStar Commission and its connection from Hadassah Board Member Claudia Caplan spoke about her qualitative study on the portrayal and perception of Jewish women in film and television. Rachel Abramowitz began her speech noting that 90% of the powerful women in Hollywood that she wrote about are Jewish.The event was catered and held at a private residence in Beverly Hills. 85 A-List attendees from the entertainment industry gathered and some expressed interest to be considered for positions on the MSC Advisory Board. A spirited discussion about Jewish women portrayed in the media followed a Q & A to Rachel Abramowitz. Board Member Shelly Goldstein closed the even with a performance of a comedic song about the plight of Jewish actresses in Hollywood.

November 2000

Composer William Goldstein Comes to Baltimore

MorningStar Advisory Board Member William (Bill) Goldstein is invited to Baltimore, Maryland by the local Hadassah chapter for a regional fundraising dinner. Bill directed musical performance from his play, "Oswego," about the life of Ruth Gruber. The songs were performed by local singers that Bill worked with. This successful event was attended by 200 people.

October 2000

MorningStar Speaks at the Fontana Hillel

MorningStar Board Member Stephanie Liss spoke to 50 college students in Fontana, California. Portrayals of Jews in the media was the focus of the discussion.

October 23,

Los Angeles Premiere of the Award Winning Documentary

The MorningStar Commission along with the National Foundation of Jewish Culture hosted the Los Angeles premiere of "TREMBLING BEFORE G-D" an award winning documentary feature film. This documentary looks at the social dilemma of homosexuality in the Orthodox community. The evening was hosted by MorningStar Commission Advisory Board Member, comedy writer and celebrity Bruce Vilanch and publicist Howard Bragman. MorningStar Chair, Joan Hyler, introduced the film to a sold-out audience of 200.

August 2000

MorningStar Comes To El Paso, Texas

Facilitated by Brandeis University Speakers Bureau request, MorningStar Board Member Shelly Goldstein is sent to the El Paso, Texas to perform for the local Hadassah Chapter. In front of an audience of 60, Shelly, sang and then lead a discussion on the portrayal of Jewish women in film and television.

July 2000

MorningStar Presentations at Annual Hadassah Convention

Board Members Shelly Goldstein and Ellen Sandler produced and chaired the MorningStar programs for Hadassah's Annual Convention held in Century City, California. The Century Plaza Hotel was the location for this spectacular 2 hour presentation that included musical performances, stand-up comedy, staged theatrical readings and a panel discussion. MSC Board Members Stephanie Liss and Ellen Sandler each had portions of their Jewish-themed plays performed on stage. Comedy and serious musical numbers were performed, including pieces from MSC Advisory Board Member Bill Goldstein's upcoming musical based on the life of rescuer and author Ruth Gruber. Board Members Claudia Caplan, Arlene Sarner, Ellen Sandler and author Rachel Abramowitz and Rabbi Johanna Hershenson participated in a panel discussion. The panel was introduced and moderated by MorningStar Chair Joan Hyler. Board Member Beverly Magid also participated by introducing many of the performances. Other Board Members were in attendance—in the large hotel ballroom that was filled with hundreds of Hadassah convention attendees.

Spring 2000

Hollywood Comes to UCLA Hillel - An Ongoing MorningStar Program

Chair Joan Hyler and Board Member Shelly Goldstein spoke with University of California, at Los Angeles (UCLA) students. The discussion with 150 students focused on contemporary issues facing young Jewish women and men. Entertainment and media industry issues were discussed as well.

March 12, 2000

MorningStar Presents Scholarly Presentation on the Biblical Story of Dina

MorningStar Board Member, Rabbi Debra Orenstein speaks to a group of 80 community members on the role and meaning of Dina. Rabbi Orenstein has published several acclaimed studies on Jewish subjects and is currently writing a book on Dina. The event was held at the University of Judaism Chapel in Bel Air. A lecture and riveting discussion was followed by an informal reception.