December 5, 2001

"Jewish Women in the Arts" - Scottsdale, AZ

Shelly Goldstein, a writer/singer/comedic actress and Board Member of the MorningStar Commission, participated as one of only five speakers in a "Jewish Women in the Arts," a conference with lectures and panel discussions in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event was moderated by Shelly Cohen, Arizona Commissioner of the Arts. Shelly Goldstein's presentation elicited a standing ovation from the audience of 250 women. Shelly reported that one of the artists coincidentally spoke on Queen Esther and mentioned that one of Esther's nicknames, was "Morning Star."

October 30, 2001

MorningStar Presents "Woman of Inspiration" Award at the First Jewish Image Awards

The MorningStar Commission presented entertainment attorney, Patti Felker, with a MorningStar "Woman Of Inspiration" Award at the star-studded Jewish Image Awards reception. Over 200 people attended this magnificent event which was attended by entertainers such as Carl Reiner, Jeffrey Tambor, Richard Schiff of West Wing, Lorraine Newman and many others. Also in attendance were entertainment business leaders, such as Jerry Offsay, president of Showtime Network and producer manager, Bernie Brillstein. Bruce Vilanch and Shelly Goldstein scripted the event and awards were handed out to actors, producers, writers and directors. Film director Arthur Hiller received a Lifetime Achievement Award and the two young actresses from the "State of Grace" TV series about a Jewish family living in the south in the 1960's also presented an award. MorningStar interviewed celebrities and entertainment leaders on video and MorningStar Board Members, Linda Shayne and Shelly Goldstein, will edit another MorningStar video program in the near future with this new footage intercut with segments of the Jewish Image Awards. The press attended the awards event and in Thursday's Daily Variety an article detailing the event appeared, including special mention of MorningStar's award. An exciting, enjoyable, funny and touching event.

October 3, 2001

MorningStar Board Member Speaks to Hadassah's Leora Group

On Oct. 3, 2001, Board Member Stephanie Liss had the privilege of speaking before the "Leora," group of Hadassah. In her words she describes the event: "The Beverly Hills, Bel Air contingent, there were approximately 70 women present at the luncheon. They were there to 'kick off,' their first meeting of the New Year, and to welcome their officers and executive cabinet. I was the 'keynote,' speaker. It was a lively, provocative, evocative, few hours.... P.S. Barbara Miller Fox was there. She's receiving this year's Hadassah "Woman of Distinction Award."

August 12, 2001

MorningStar Program at Temple Mishkon Tephilo Synagogue

MorningStar Board Member, Ellen Sandler, lead an evening cabaret program which men and women attended. The rabbi and president of the congregation also attended this MorningStar program of music, theater and a riveting discussion. The even was created at the invitation of the president of the Sisterhood as part of MorningStar's outreach program into the Jewish community. While the program was created and directed by entertainment professionals on the MorningStar Board, this particular program was designed to include many congregation members as active participants and performers. The combination of professional entertainers and non-professional entertainers resulted in a wonderfully lively evening, which was enthusiastically received by all.

May 18, 2001

Hollywood Comes to Hillel - Columbus, Ohio

Joan Hyler, Chair of the MorningStar Commission, leads a Shabbaton seminar at the Columbus, Ohio Hillel. Speaking under the aegis of the MorningStar Commission, Ms. Hyler was joined by Bruce Vilanch, famed Hollywood humorist and chief writer for the annual Academy Awards gala (the Oscars).

May 9, 2001

First Annual Women of Inspiration Award

MorningStar Commission, in conjunction with the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, founded its First Annual Woman of Inspiration Award. The event was held at Creative Artists Agency, the pre-eminent talent firm in the entertainment industry. The Award was granted to world-renowned journalist and historical figure, Ruth Gruber, author of 14 books and rescuer of thousands of refugee Jews. Ms. Gruber's courageous efforts saved the lives of countless refugees not just from Holocaust Europe, but also from Ethiopia and the Soviet Union. She was the subject of a recent CBS miniseries, aired during the all-important "sweeps" month of February.

MorningStar's extensive coordination and implementation of this program drew on all our creative resources. The award itself was commissioned from Correia Art Glass. The MorningStar Commission logo is etched on the beautiful glass goblet. A musical presentation featuring Hollywood composer William Goldstein; and several vocalists from Mr. Goldstein's play-in-progress, "Oswego" performed.

The event was kosher-catered and fully-staffed with a registration table and a book-signing table where Ms. Gruber held court post-event. Also on the program: Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Weisenthal Center; and two refugees who owe their freedom to Ruth's efforts. The highlight of the event, of course, was Ms. Gruber herself. Her acceptance speech -- this 86-year-old international treasure kept the audience delighted and spellbound with her insights and reminiscences.

April 26, 2001

A Board Member in Puerto Rico

In a beautiful, huge private home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Shelly Goldstein speaks and performs in front of about 60 women between the ages of 15 and 75. Some are ex-patriot Americans, some are locals, others are Cubans whose families left in 1959-60. One is a visiting Rabbi from Israel. As it was Israeli Independence day, the event had an even richer, deeper meaning for those present. The event raised between $10-$15,000 for the Youth Alyah project.

March 24, 2001

MorningStar Comes to Orange County BBYO Event

Board Member Shelly Goldstein's priceless account of the MorningStar Commission's program at a B'nai Brith Youth Organization event in Irvine, CA: "Imagine 150 girls, 14-17, packed into half of a cordoned-off ballroom in the heart of picturesque Irvine, in the sort of indoor temperature usually reserved for nurturing orchids. I am proud to say we moderated a lively forum on the representation of Jewish women in the media. The girls were raucous, opinionated, noisy, argumentative and adorable. We used clips from KEEPING THE FAITH (a movie which garnered very divergent opinions) but also overed SEINFELD, THE NANNY, GROSSE POINT, WILL & GRACE and the pop quartet DREAM. It's impossible to cite one overriding opinion or bias from the girls -- which was great. Ironically, while they obviously had strong feelings about Jewish women being "babes," they related to the conflicts in terms of how Jewish boys perceive Jewish girls. At least a dozen girls commented to me that they totally related...and one girl yelled out that THEY were healthy; it was the BOYS who were messed up, so why weren't we talking to THEM? We left hoarse but happy. Ellen (Sandler, another MorningStar Board Member) planned a great program."

March 1, 2001

MorningStar Meeting with Shula Reinharz

MorningStar Board Members meet with Shula Reinharz, head of the Brandeis Women's Institute and a Hadassah grantee. The meeting took place in Santa Monica's Miramar Hotel. In attendance were key Board Members, including Joan Hyler, Molly Novak, Linda Shayne, Sharon Krischer, Stephanie Liss, Shelly Goldstein and others. On the table were: Discussions about a Purim women's project, highlighting the biographies of famous Jewish women.

February 7, 2001

MorningStar Presents Screening of the CBS Mini-Series "The Haven"

In conjunction with the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum, the MorningStar Commission sponsored a screening of "The Haven," the groundbreaking CBS mini-series based on the same-titled memoir by Ruth Gruber. The event was a huge success, attended by an overflow crowd of some 250 people. Held at the new Jewish Federation of Los Angeles building, the event featured an introductory message from MorningStar Board Member, Arlene Sarner. Following the screening, a panel discussion captivated the audience. The panel included MorningStar Board Member Rabbi Debra Orenstein. Other participants included the actors associated with the miniseries, as well as their real-life counterparts.

January 21, 2001

MorningStar speaks to the Pasadena Jewish Center

Bagel and brunch discussion at the Pasadena Jewish Center lead by MorningStar Board Member, Sharon Krischer. Sharon discussed the portrayal of Jewish women in the media to a group of 65 people.

January 2001

MorningStar Promotional Video

Board Member Linda Shayne produced and directed the editing of a video promotional reel about The MorningStar Commission. Board Member Shelly Goldstein worked with Linda Shayne on the editing. Shelly provided the voice over work as well. The video serves as an introduction of the MorningStar Commission to entertainment groups as well as Jewish organizations. Hadassah programs regarding Jewish Women in the Media programs can utilize this video as well.