September 21, 2010

MorningStar Co-Sponsor Movie Premiere with Jewish Film Festival
Ahead of Time Movie Poster Hilary Hilstein,  Linda Shayne,  and Sarah Platt at the Jewish Film Festival

MSC board member, Hilary Hilstein (right), on behalf of the Jewish Film Festival organized the co-sponsorship of the documentary screening with the MorningStar Commission. MSC board member, film producer Sarah Platt (left), spoke with many audience members one on one before the screening about MorningStar. MSC board member writer/director Linda Shayne (center) addressed the audience about Ruth Gruber having been the first recipient of MorningStar Woman Of Inspiration Award.

At the Simon Weisenthal Center, Museum of Tolerance, the MorningStar Commission co-sponsored the movie premiere of the documentary, "Ahead of Time" aboutRenaissance woman Ruth Gruber. MorningStar board member Hilary Hilstein, on behalf of the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, organized this terrific event.

MSC board member, film producer Sarah Platt, spoke with many audience members one on one before the screening about MorningStar's mission and screenwriter/directorMSC board member Linda Shayne addressed the audience about Ruth Gruber havingbeen the first recipient of the MorningStar Woman Of Inspiration Award.

A Skype interview with Ruth Gruber preceded the screening. Ruth, 99 years young and dynamic, spoke from her home in New York with Leibe Geft, Director of the Museum. Ruth talked about meeting David Ben-Gurion not long before he passed away. She had asked him if he thought if there would ever be peace in Israel. David answered "yes, and it will start with Egypt." Ruth was stunned as at the time there was much fighting between the two nations. David continued that there will be peace between Arabs andJews, although it would not happen in his lifetime. Ruth believes today that the most important thing to still strive for is peace.

"Ahead of Time" is a brilliant documentary that is extremely well put together. The interviews, archival photographs and old newsreel footage together serve to be an important piece of history. Ruth has led an extraordinary life. She was the youngest person ever to complete a doctoral program, for which she received her doctorate at age 20! At the advice of her father to "find a career" that could support her if need be, she followed her dreams of becoming a writer.

As a photojournalist, Ruth became involved in explorations to the Arctic to examine the plight of women in such conditions, which eventually led her to work for the USGovernment with the Department of the Interior in Alaska. She was instrumental in bringing 1, 000 Oswego refugees into America during the second world war and eventually reported on and boarded the Exodus ship in 1947 as it battled with theBritish to bring Jewish refugees to the land of Israel.

This amazing and inspirational documentary will be showing in theaters and film festivals across the country. The Morningstar Commission had great pleasure in co-sponsoring a premiere screening of "Ahead of Time"Éfor Ruth Gruber is truly, a woman who was ahead of her time.

May 23, 2010

Year of the Female Director
The Little Traitor Poster

MorningStar Board members Sharon Krischer and Susan Zachary chaired a program featuring the screening of the movie, "The Little Traitor, " written and directed byMorningStar Board Member, Lynn Roth. This wonderful movie is based on the novel"Panther in the Basement" by world famous author, Amos Oz and takes place in 1947Palestine, just a few months before Israel becomes a state.

The MorningStar Commission presented the screening at the Laemmle's Town Center 5Theater in Encino, California, before an audience of about 100 people. The feature film, "The Little Traitor, " starring award winning actor, Alfred Molina was spectacular.

Following the screening the audience met for lunch, followed by Q & A with writer/director Lynn Roth and then breakout groups lead by prominent film and television professionals. Group leaders included: Patti Felker - Entertainment attorney, Susan Zachary - Talent manager, Ravit Markus - Filmmaker, Arlene Sarner - Writer/Producer, Eve Brandstein - Casting Director/Writer/Producer/Director, and Lynn Roth - Writer/Producer/Director.

March 4-7, 2010

Hadassah Hawaii Goes Hollywood with MorningStar Filmmaker Lynn Roth

Hadassah Hawaii Goes Hollywood with MorningStar Filmmaker Lynn Roth Hadassah Hawaii presented a whirlwind series of events featuring writer, director, producer Lynn Roth and her new feature film "The Little Traitor" at the opening of the Temple Emanu-El Jewish Film Festival, a University of Hawaii forum, and a fascinating Hadassah Brunch in Honolulu. Lynn's movie, "The Little Traitor"starring Alfred Molina, based on the novel, "Panther in the Basement" by acclaimed author, Amos Oz, is set in Palestine in 1947, and its opening the JewishFilm Festival secured Hadassah and the MorningStar Commission prominence in the limelight for the entire two week festival.

The genesis of this fantastic event was in November last year, when HawaiiPresident Andrea Snyder spoke with National's Laura Kaplansky about viewing the film "The Little Traitor" with the selection committee from the Temple Emanu-El Film Festival. Laura had seen the film at its Los Angeles opening, and knew that the film's writer, director, producer, Lynn Roth was a MorningStarCommission member. National chair, MorningStar liaison, Molly Novak was called and she extended an invitation to Lynn to participate in the film festival. FromNew York to California to Hawaii the women of Hadassah worked together sothat Lynn and her award winning film could open the Jewish Film Festival, headline a University of Hawaii forum and be featured at a Hadassah fundraising event. The MorningStar Commission brought a wonderful opportunity for Hawaii to have an exciting array of programs for the entire weekend that was evocative as wellas wonderful for Hadassah public relations.

Hadassah had prominent exposure with its full screen logo on the Film Festivaltrailer, brochures at the Festival information table, a full page article in theTemple bi-monthly bulletin, and was written up on the Honolulu Academy of Art'sDoris Duke Theater website. Hadassah Hawaii also forged new partnerships withthe University of Hawaii and Hillel.

Lynn Roth's presentations in Hawaii were top notch. She was a fascinating and gracious speaker, whether describing the making of the movie, the history of the British mandate and Israeli independence, or the MorningStar Commission and the portrayal of Jewish women in the entertainment industry. This accomplished filmmaker took Honolulu by storm!