Dynamic Duo

By Mercedes Aguilar, Daily Sundial, Cal State University Northridge

Arlene Sarner and Shelly Goldstein highlight the Morningstar presentation at the Spring Conference. Read More »

Changing Media Portrayal Based on Ethnicity

By Mercedes Aguilar, Daily Sundial, Cal State University Northridge

Two women in the entertainment industry discussed changing portrayal of Jews and African-Americans in television and film in a question and answer forum on Feb. 28. The forum was titled "Grey's Anatomy and Beyond: Images of African Americans and Jews in TV" which was held at the University Student Union Grand Salon. Read More »

That's Funny, You Do Look Jewish

By Ron Lux, National Jewish News

When he was writing one of the scripts for the sitcom he had created, "The War at Home," Rob Lotterstein got a call from a studio executive, saying he was coming over to see him. You know it's something serious when they want to come to your office to talk,� Lotterstein recalled, while participating in a panel discussion, "They'd Love Us if They Knew Us: Jewish Character on TV." Read More »

Desperate Housewives and Beyond

By Susan H. Kahn

"Jews Run Hollywood" is accepted common folklore and for the most part this is an assumption that turns out to be true. From Louis B. Mayer to Steven Spielberg Jews have always dominated the movie business. Read More »

Image of Jewish women in media is changing

By Susan H. Kahn, Assistant Editor, Cleveland Jewish News

"For the longest time, the only images of Jewish women that we saw in the media were of two varieties - the controlling, manipulative harridan, or the grandmother," says Olivia Cohen-Cutler, vice-president of broadcast standards and practice for ABC, Inc. Read More »

Sigma Sisters Speak Out on Real Life

By Naomi Pfefferman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

When members of the Jewish sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi appeared at UCLA Hillel on Sunday, they hoped to set the record straight. Read More »

Hadassah women out to change image of Jewish women on screen

By Alexandra J. Wall, Staff Writer, The J - The Jewish Weekly News of Northern California

For many years, Jewish women were hardly portrayed on television, and when they were, the images were overwhelmingly negative. That is changing, slowly, but even in the 1990s, when �Mad About You� was one of the most popular sitcoms on the air, it featured a Jewish man married to a non-Jewish woman. Jerry Seinfeld, too, dated predominantly non-Jewish women. Read More »

"Jewish Image Nod to Fisher"

By Gregg Kilday, The Hollywood Reporter

The fifth annual Jewish Image Awards, presented by the Los Angeles Foundation for Jewish Culture, said Thursday that it will honor producer Lucy Fisher, whose upcoming films include "Jarhead" and "Memoirs of a Geisha," with its 2005 Industry Leadership Award and writer-producer Hank Steinberg with its Creative Spirit Award. Read More »